Yes, you CAN actually RE-TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to help you build positive qualities or eliminate negative ones!  You can do this easily and automatically through hypnosis!  
Do you want to Stop Smoking or Lose Weight? Would you like to increase your Self Confidence? Get Motivated to Exercise more? Sell more? Become more Organized or Perform Better Athletically? DeClutter your home or control your spending?
It's easy with Hypnosis.
         Or maybe you would like to Get Better Grades by using good study habits and taking tests in a calm relaxed manner, knowing that you will be able to recall all the information you studied.  
        All hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis... I am just your guide, helping you get relaxed so that your subconscious mind will accept properly worded positive suggestions, and then I make the suggestions, all of which are designed to help you change your life for the better. 
         Sometimes the results are instantaneous, and sometimes they occur more slowly, however, since everyone does have a subconscious mind, virtually everyone can use this process to make changes. 
        Many people come for weight loss or smoking cessation; however, hypnosis can be used for almost any change you desire to make. For example, building self confidence, sales success, stress relief, pain management, surgery preparation and recovery, motivation, becoming more organized, overcoming fears, memory and concentration, better grades, and sports performance, to name a few. 
How would YOU like to improve YOUR life?
        I have helped hundreds of people improve their lives through hypnosis, and I would like to help you, too! 
        I believe in de-mystifying hypnosis, and to that end, I have provided a lot of information elsewhere in this website.

        If you have any concerns that are not answered in this web site, please call me to discuss them. I answer my own telephone, and if I am with a client or otherwise unable to answer, just leave a short, clear message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I take calls during normal business hours. Please let me know the best times to return the call, for your convenience and privacy.